Together with you

Who we are

Our sandblasting company still exist for more than 80 years. Founded by Ing. Fritz Spatny, the grandfather of today's company owner Michael Müllner. At that time located at Ramperstorfergasse in the 5th district of Vienna

Our philosophy

2M - How it started

Ing. Michael Müllner


master carpenter

It was always my dream to develop a clear and perfect business, which is very different in administration, production and presentation from other handcraft companies.

Its my ambition through engagement of the whole stuff, by continuous deployment an innovation, and by the perfection of our products be always and every time 2 steps (2M) before.

Ing. Michael Müllner is the executive Manager of the 2M Walter und Michael Müllner GmbH nfg KG, Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Humanities, Sciences and Technologies in Art, Department of woodworking and member of the Vienna board of Jungen Wirtschaft Wien / JCI. Because of his engagement he has been honoured in 2003 from Junior Chamber International with the Senator Title!

2M stands for 2 business areas: since over 50 year the Walter und Michael Müllner GmbH nfg KG is acting as a cabinet maker, since over 80 years in the sandblasting techniques. 2M works for well-known Austrian concerns and ambitious private customers.

+43 (1) 602 5821-0

Sabine Kluiber

workshop manager

+43 (1) 602 5821-15

Ing. Norber Feher

work preparation

+43 (1) 602 5821-12

Albert Bleyer

workshop manager

master carpentry

+43 (1) 602 5821-0

Stefan Resch

sandblasting technician

+43 (1) 602 5821-15

Michael Reiss


+43 (1) 602 5821-14

Lorenz Legl

master carpentry

+43 (1) 602 5821-0

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday    07:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00

Friday                                                  07:00 - 13:00


For our customers, 2 parking spaces are reserved opposite the carpentry-entrance.

You will need a parking-ticket, which we will gladly provide for the time of your visit. Please reserve the card in advance, on arrival you will receive it at our office.


The delivery takes place via our loading zone in front of the carpentry-entrance in the Fernkorngasse.

Please note that you are entitled to hold your truck for the duration of a charging period and that the parking space monitoring is very strict in the case of parked vehicles which do not have any charging activity!